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Solving the Paul Puzzle, The Book

This site gives information about the book, Solving the Paul Puzzle. The book can be purchased at Amazon and iTunes. (Links at bottom of this page.) It is currently available only in digital versions.

The book Solving the Paul Puzzle is copyright 1999 by Todd Adkisson.

Any presentation of content after 1999 in which the content bears a resemblance to material presented in this book may be in violation of copyright.

Solving the Paul Puzzle, The Site

As mentioned above, this site presents the key concepts contained in the book, Solving the Paul Puzzle. This allows readers a chance to discover the main concepts and consider deeper research through reading of the book.

Blue Sea Press

Blue Sea Press is a publishing company owned by the author of Solving the Paul Puzzle, Todd Adkisson. The company provides web hosting and other administrative support for the Solving the Paul Puzzle site and book. The company is located in Portland, Oregon, USA.

Todd Adkisson, The Author

Todd Adkisson grew up in Portland, Oregon. He became interested in Christian theology and New Testament study during the 1980s and attended Multnomah School of the Bible in 1981. He finished his undergraduate education at the University of California–Davis, obtaining a bachelors degree with a major in English and a minor in Classical Greek. The Greek minor was a continuation of his New Testament Greek study at Multnomah.

During the 1990s, Todd began studying the Japanese language and spent several years in Japan. This was another step in exploring academic topics, and it helped center his career development. He remained interested in Biblical studies, but those activities were secondary to other efforts.

In 1999, Todd was surprised to learn that much confusion existed regarding the New Testament chronology. Despite many centuries of scholarly research, many questions persisted. Todd deduced that normal scholarship methods had not cleared up the problems, and therefore a new approach may be needed. He decided to make an effort through the use of literary analysis techniques, which he had learned of through his years of university education. During a period of concentrated study, he recognized a solution, and he set about describing it in Solving the Paul Puzzle: A Timeline for the New Testament.

For more information on the methods used to examine the puzzle and arrive at a solution, see Solving Methods.

Todd Adkisson now lives in Portland. His primary work is in Japanese translation and language materials development.

Bible Quotes on This Site

All quotes from the Bible used on this site come from The Holy Bible, New International Version, copyright 1978 by New York International Bible Society.


To contact Todd Adkisson, please see the Interaction page on available options.

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